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Hi Bonny my brother just reminded me that today was your birthday and we were both together at GCHS back in the days.

My baby Sister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my lovely Sister! I will call you later.

Crocheted sweater

Hello! I'm here because I'm a crocheter, and I'm really interested in the sweater Bonnie wears on the cover of Together. I believe the colors were altered for the album cover, as I think that Eric Clapton wears the same sweater during his performance with The Dirty Mac as part of the Rock and Roll Circus. I'd really like to know if it was created from a pattern, or just made freehand, if Bonnie made it herself or if it was a gift, and any other history of the sweater, like what happened to it? I apologize if I'm being overly nosy, but it's captured my imagination, and I'd like to try to recreate it, if possible. Thank you for your time and consideration! :)

Meeting you and Danny

I was working in a postal store in Encino CA in the early 80’s and you and Danny stopped in to nail a package. You were both the nicest people. I was so excited to have met you and loved your music so much. You and Linda Ronstadt had the 2 voices ever.

Something nice

I've got a friend that has the biggest crush on Bonnie. He's been struggling with depression and the loss of his job, and just honestly finding himself. I love this friend, I wish I could get a personalized autograph, or message to him from Bonnie. That would make him the happiest I've seen him in over 13 years.

Concert Pics

Saw you and Delaney in concert at Stony Brook University on Long Island - maybe 1971 or '72. I was a very amateur photographer back then, but I managed to get a few great shots of you alone and you and Delaney. I found them while going through some pics from that era. Not sure if you'd want them or want to post them. If you're at all interested, email me back and I'll send the pics or scan and send - you're call. Thanks for all the great music - still enjoying it today!

the music

Perhaps one of the few good things to happen in this work from home COVID time is that I can play my music as loud as I want and whatever I want. "It's Time" is playing now. Your music was a large part of the soundtrack in my youth throughout high school especially. I never got to see you perform live, but your music never failed to lift my spirits. I still love it all these years later. I just wanted to say Thank you.

Mind blowing

Hi Bonnie I just want to stop by and say hello I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed your music over the years just the true Harmony puts a smile on my face I just finished listening to for about the 400th time Clapton singing I don't know why with him getting a little push the Step Up was amazing to experience once again thank you for all the music over the years I wish you the best, David from Minnesota

Bowling Green

U might remember me !!!! I was a friend of Sandy. Tillys. me and u and Sandy would go out and u would sit in and jam. I loved that I was with u with Randy Mathews in Arkansas but enough of that. I really love ur music and just u being u. reach if u want.

I you lift my heart

My dearest Ms Bramlett,
I am a 73 year old RN, currently residing in Texas but originally from St. Louis, Missouri. I have NEVER ever written to anyone famous before now. I just felt the need to let you know how much I love your voice and music. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched you on Roseanne to hear you sing “I’ve Really Got a Hold OnYou”. Every time I hear you sing that song, I get tears in my eyes and joy fills my heart. I’m still working part-time as a Pediatric nurse. As you can probably imagine, sometimes, especially these days, it’s difficult for many reasons. When I listen to you sing, it makes my heart light again and lifts my spirits. You are truly a gift from God and a national treasure. God bless you and your family.
Thank you!!!