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you and yours

Hello Ms Bramlett. I'm sitting up late, tonight, and after watching videos on Youtube by Jonny Lang, Buddy Guy, and the Experience Hendrix tour, you know sometimes one leads to another, it started on Delaney and Bonnie and Friends. Well I'm 61 years old, and when I was in college at USL in Lsfayette, la, one of my best friends taught me alot about the Beatles and also Clapton. Also Derek and the Dominos. Of course the 1st Blues song I fell in love with is Boz Scaggs, Loan Me A Dime. We were visiting and sniffin" and learning. Well tonight I witnessd some videos with you and Delaney and George Harrison and I think members who were in "the Dominos". I also, when at USL became a follower of a then unknown guitar player named Gregg Wright. He was actually homeless when I first learned about him, you know living with friends. The 1st time I went to Baton Rouge to see him, my friend said, "come with us to see Gregg, he's better than Hendrix". Of course that was personal opinion, but he's really good, and he was lucku emough to be invited into Mick Fleetwood's Zoo-with Bekka and I bought the album Shakin The Cage, and Bekka, even though her career may be country oriented, she is one of the best female rock singers of all time. Tonight when I discovered these videos of you and Delaney, I now see where she got her voice and spirit. I so much hope you are doing alright, and wish I could meet you before God calls me home. Take care and if you wish, please contact me, I hope you, me and all of our loved ones will be united in Heaven. God bless you Ms Bonnie. Take care always, love in Christ, Kent Broussard

Awesome Voice

The 1st time I've ever heard of you was on Roseanne. I love your voice! You are such a talented artist! When u sang on the Mother's Day BBQ Episode it literally gave me chills. You have a soul touching voice. I bought the whole series of Roseanne, I'll rewind that part over and over just to hear you sing. I just wanted to tell you that and that I'm a fan. Thanks for reading my message. Peace & Love, Jennifer

Caro Saluto

how the Universe works no one will ever know.
I was chatting with a friend on paltalk..We always listen to music,either i play some that he hasn't heard or he does.Anyway i said about the singer great singer..and he says Bonnie Bramlett is also a great singer.knowing myself,because of the Love of Music..i did a search on Bonnie Bramlett....and read some on wikipedia..and somehow i reached your page here...i was reading about you and Delaney..and then i put it together once i read Delaney Bonnie and Friends.In the early 70's you where famous and i loved to listen to your music.I just wanted to say hello and God Bless!Ciao From Winnipeg

To thank you!

Yesterday I happened upon the video of you performing the song you co-wrote with Mr. Delaney & "THE MAN"
(Mr.Leon Russell- one of my HEROES)
Which happens to be one of my all time favorite songs EVER. I want to say Thank You. For me, beautiful music motivates my soul. I am forever grateful to all of the musicians & their songwriters who have blessed my life with gifts of song. You are one.

To hear you explain to us that your delivery which you call *Free Falling*
Completely connected as each word, line, verse? Directed your accompanying piano and guitar to follow NOT THE CHART notes but YOU.

That is what my mother meant.
when I was 16 and in Vocal training at our local community college (she worked there & xeroxed copied every single song I thought I might perform solo in class once a week) she asked me this question:

To Whom do you look to on stage when your singing?;I answered I follow the piano. She told me that's NOT right.
It was them who are to look to, following MY lead as to accompany me.

Such truth I had never really seen in actuality, until yesterday. Perhaps now I can put that into practice without such hesitation as before, should I find a few great musicians to jam with some day.

Please have a wonderful today.
This has been so nice for me to write to you! I feel so inspired. Thank you.

With Love & Respect ALWAYS,

Diana (aja: Honey) Holliday
Originally from HOLLYWOOD, CA
(For now in Palmdale, CA)


After following you all of these years you still are simply the best!!


Thanks for all your contributions to music and life, you certainly are party of the spirit and soul of the music universe.

Roommate from the 60’s

I used to be a go go dancer on gaslight square and you and I live together up above port of St. Louis restaurant. I started at the living room I worked at Whiskey a gogo then at gilded cage .
Lots more to talk about and I have some great pictures lots of good memories Billy Peak ,Michelle ,Sandy the bartender with the bigeyes..Dean and Jimmy ..

you got a hold of me

I saved Roseanne episode segment you sang you got a hold of me. I still listen to it several times a week. everytime sends shivers up my back still. absolutely beautiful

CNN Special!

Saw you last night on the CNN Special about Jimmy Carter ! A much better time! Be safe and thanks for the wonderful music that brings us together to smile, laugh and feel happiness! Music hopefully can help heal us!


Sweet woman, I only live a few blocks from you. Heard a new song to me, on KSHE, that you and Eric Clapton wrote together. I was traveling down I-55 to Arnold, MO. I have not turned my music up in a long time. I did with that song, cried while driving south. Thank you again for being you. I have watched you for years.