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the music

Perhaps one of the few good things to happen in this work from home COVID time is that I can play my music as loud as I want and whatever I want. "It's Time" is playing now. Your music was a large part of the soundtrack in my youth throughout high school especially. I never got to see you perform live, but your music never failed to lift my spirits. I still love it all these years later. I just wanted to say Thank you.

Mind blowing

Hi Bonnie I just want to stop by and say hello I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed your music over the years just the true Harmony puts a smile on my face I just finished listening to for about the 400th time Clapton singing I don't know why with him getting a little push the Step Up was amazing to experience once again thank you for all the music over the years I wish you the best, David from Minnesota

Bowling Green

U might remember me !!!! I was a friend of Sandy. Tillys. me and u and Sandy would go out and u would sit in and jam. I loved that I was with u with Randy Mathews in Arkansas but enough of that. I really love ur music and just u being u. reach if u want.

I you lift my heart

My dearest Ms Bramlett,
I am a 73 year old RN, currently residing in Texas but originally from St. Louis, Missouri. I have NEVER ever written to anyone famous before now. I just felt the need to let you know how much I love your voice and music. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched you on Roseanne to hear you sing “I’ve Really Got a Hold OnYou”. Every time I hear you sing that song, I get tears in my eyes and joy fills my heart. I’m still working part-time as a Pediatric nurse. As you can probably imagine, sometimes, especially these days, it’s difficult for many reasons. When I listen to you sing, it makes my heart light again and lifts my spirits. You are truly a gift from God and a national treasure. God bless you and your family.
Thank you!!!

Never ending love for you

Pray this finds you well. Scored a copy of Home, same wonderful feeling as hearing motel shot for first time when Delaney and Bonnie became my musical heroes. Couldn't believe that was a white girl singing don't decieve me. Fast forward to Mercer University where you played not sure if it was '75 or '76. Your show made me want to quit school and stowaway with your band. Great memory, thanks. Your music has been a joy in my life now turning on nieces and nephews to the magic of Delaney and Bonnie. Take care of your dear self, as ever, Martha

Bonnie Lynn in the mid '60's

the reader of this needs to be at least 70+ and from St Louis. Otherwise this will be meaningless. But Bonnie will know all the names and places (except possibly me.)

In the early to mid 1960's THE CHESSMEN was one of the very best Rhythm & Blues bands in St. Louis. In September, 1964 I was a hot shot 17 year old pimple faced R&B guitar player who landed a job with them playing 6 nights a week at the Living Room on Gaslight Square in ST Louis.

A couple of long term Chessmen, Jack Laws and Al Singer, spoke of this female singer, Bonnie Lynn, who had been out of pocket for a while but was re-emerging and would be around to sit in with us from time to time. They told me that I should expect to be WOW'ed when I hear her.

Bonnie's voice, her showmanship and simpey her presence far surpassed what I expected. What a thrill to be on the stage with her!

A few months later, maybe early 1965, I was with "Howard Jones And The Jones Boys" (along with Tommy Jones and Brian Hamilton) featuring Bonnie Lynn on vocals. We worked at the Butterscotch Lounge across the street from the Living Room. We would bring Bonnie up to the stage playing up tempo, "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean." I lived in awe of her talents night after night.

Bonnie Lynn of course is Bonnie Bramlett

Those were the days!

The music

I bought Motel Shot when it first came out. I wasn’t just taken by the music but how it was done. I loved the freedom the spirit. I loved the unrehearsed feeling. The complete joy of the music just jumped out. It was so easy to feel the good time everyone was having. Your voice is beyond my ability to describe. Your soul seemed to just spill out. I could really feel it in my soul. The music that you and Delaney gave the world will always be appreciated and never forgotten. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. Love to you and yours. Stay safe in these difficult times. Love Tom

Remember You

Hey, sweet woman, I have avoided this email for quite sometime. I know we live near each other. The last time I seen you was at a Joe Bonamassa concert in St. Louis about two years ago. The first time I seen you was when you came home and set in with the band I was working with. You came and sang with the boys you knew growing up, that belonged to F-Troop MC. I ran sound, and did security at that biker bar. So glad you are still with us. A voice like your's is priceless and forever.

Delaney Bonnie and Friends

Hi Bonnie, my wife and I sure would like to meet you sometime. We are watching a special on AXS about Clapton and when they featured you, i was reminded about an 8 track tape my best bud gave to me that had over an hour of your songs on it. I eventually wore it out. Thanks for your music......

meeting Bonnie

What a thrill it was to meet Bonnie and get to know her!
Everyone should get to know her, if not in person through her music!

She is amazing - What a story! What a life!