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I enjoy your works!

Love your music and your acting, have followed you for years! I just turned 60 and people started asking me how it felt to be “old” and all I could muster was “it was earned!” and I hope for a lot more days under the sunshine and I’ll climb those steps with my creaky knees to get to the man that loves me.

You’re one of a kind, Bonnie, and it’s my hope that you know how many lives you’ve touched and that you are still singing you’re way through this life! Many Blessings to you & yours,

Linda from Wisconsin


The younger generations are discovering your music through the Sonic Youth cover of “Groupie (Superstar).” Your music will never end <3

Collinsvill Park Ballroom

The Guild always started our dance night with Soul Skake. Wish you are your family would play again.

Tour again

Will you perform again in Tampa,FL.? Or just occasionally in St.Louis area?I heard you with Steve Scorfina.Im from the St.louis area, but live in Florida now.

Delaney & Bonnie

Always enjoyed the music of Delaney & Bonnie. This is a cool site to check out. 🎤🎵🎼🎶❤

Delaney and Bonnie

I’m am 72 now and came across a video of I’m Coming Home. Way back in 1970 this was the first song my husband played for me. He is not with us anymore he died in 2016. But your music lives on, every time I play this it takes me back thanks
Linda xxx

Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President

Saw you performing on the show about Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President. I’ve heard you were from Granite City, Illinois. That’s where I was burned, Class of 1972. Hope you are well. Happy New Year.

Copenhagen December 10 1969

It can't be 52 years! can it?

Criteria Studios / the "blue" album

Bonnie, I was your engineer on that session (and the one who took you to 7-11 for piggies in my big yellow Merc!). I have the fondest memories of that session, one of if not the most enjoyable (and musically educating) of my career. "Lay Down My Burden" is the all-time favorite....still raises the hair on my arms. Delaney's rhythm guitar playing was a huge influence on me. Be well andGod bless you.

Saying hi

Hi there - I saw an article on you today in the paper about you helping out the local arts. Pretty awesome! Also just wanted to let you know of all the years I watched (and still watch) "Roseanne", one of those absolute stand out moments is when you sang "You Really Got a Hold on Me". Just phenomenal! And Bonnie always cracked me up! So happy to see the article today, best wishes to you always!