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My love for your voice and fun music dates back to the early 70’s.
I am now 71 have had a great full life and am still enjoying you when suddenly you pop up somewhere. Your voice is still so true. Believe me I am still a hippie at heart and my mind is slightly wild, but ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken’ will be played at my funeral. Keep up, keeping up!

Delaney Bramlett - Hall of Fame

I don't have Facebook but I hope by posting here it helps support this worthy cause.

Have a great birthday

Iowa born native. rnWas told about your connection by an aunt of mine. Millie King.rnJust realized that we share the same birthday. rnHAPPY Birthday to you.

My sweet lord

In a two part interview, Delaney states that George Harrison asked Delaney to show him how to write a gospel song, and that Delaney came up with/wrote My Sweet Lord. I wonder what Bonnie recalls about the origins of this tune.

Always Thinking of You.

Hi Bonnie;

We live on a little farm and got a kitten around Christmas that we named after you. We needed a new mouser and just picked up another kitten. Bonnie is watching over him, so we named the new kitten Ray because of the way you defended Ray Charles’ honor. I hope you don’t mind, I always thought the world of you for that unpleasant incident.

Also, thanks for covering “It’s Time”. Scott knew how to reach a person’s soul and you made the song yours.


Your wonderful music.

I've only had the opportunity to actually see you one time in person at a place in Charlotte,NC called the Visualite Theater. It was spiritual, inspirational and motivational. I first saw you in The Vanishing Point. But I was introduced to all your great music by my friends mom and her musician boyfriend. I think you have worked very hard to make other artists look fantastic. Without your skills,talents, and God give ability. Those artist would have never been as big or as successful without your magic. I think you are one of the most unappreciated musician of all time. So I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your talent, hard work and to provide some sunshine in an otherwise gloomy world. You should be in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame for the greatest backing musical support woman of all time. I really hope your daughters your our way and have an successful career also. If you drop in that would also be Awesome. 👍😀💥🎸

a great memory

I was just listening to a song from your ladies choice album. I have never forgotten that song. My brother had that album and he loved it. When he moved to the Yukon in 1981 he had to leave all his things at my parents place where I lived. Including his vast collection of albums including yours. I wrote to him one time and the only thing I wrote on the paper was " thanks for letting me play your Bonnie Bramlett album while you are gone. He sent the same letter back with nothing more written on it except on the very bottom he wrote "not unless you have a $3000 stereo to play it on". I laughed that day and still laugh when i pull out the letter and look at it on occasion. My brother passed away 12 yrs ago and because we had such a good and fun relationship I love that I can still laugh at how serious he was with his album collection and in particular your album which I was told not to touch! I never did actually, just wanted to get a rise out of him that time and I did. I hadn't listened to the song for probably 45yrs so I enjoyed it immensely tonight. Thank you, just thought I'd share that funny.....jayne

Love your voice

Hello Bonnie!!
I first heard you sing on the Roseanne show. I looked you up and listened to your music. The sound of your voice is amazing. Rich and soulful. I have always wanted to sing the way you do. I don’t have any musical talent at all. Keep doing what you’re doing. Your awesome, from Kentucky

you and yours

Hello Ms Bramlett. I'm sitting up late, tonight, and after watching videos on Youtube by Jonny Lang, Buddy Guy, and the Experience Hendrix tour, you know sometimes one leads to another, it started on Delaney and Bonnie and Friends. Well I'm 61 years old, and when I was in college at USL in Lsfayette, la, one of my best friends taught me alot about the Beatles and also Clapton. Also Derek and the Dominos. Of course the 1st Blues song I fell in love with is Boz Scaggs, Loan Me A Dime. We were visiting and sniffin" and learning. Well tonight I witnessd some videos with you and Delaney and George Harrison and I think members who were in "the Dominos". I also, when at USL became a follower of a then unknown guitar player named Gregg Wright. He was actually homeless when I first learned about him, you know living with friends. The 1st time I went to Baton Rouge to see him, my friend said, "come with us to see Gregg, he's better than Hendrix". Of course that was personal opinion, but he's really good, and he was lucku emough to be invited into Mick Fleetwood's Zoo-with Bekka and I bought the album Shakin The Cage, and Bekka, even though her career may be country oriented, she is one of the best female rock singers of all time. Tonight when I discovered these videos of you and Delaney, I now see where she got her voice and spirit. I so much hope you are doing alright, and wish I could meet you before God calls me home. Take care and if you wish, please contact me, I hope you, me and all of our loved ones will be united in Heaven. God bless you Ms Bonnie. Take care always, love in Christ, Kent Broussard

Awesome Voice

The 1st time I've ever heard of you was on Roseanne. I love your voice! You are such a talented artist! When u sang on the Mother's Day BBQ Episode it literally gave me chills. You have a soul touching voice. I bought the whole series of Roseanne, I'll rewind that part over and over just to hear you sing. I just wanted to tell you that and that I'm a fan. Thanks for reading my message. Peace & Love, Jennifer